Above Ground Pool Installation

The first step is to lay the pool out and paint in down on the ground. Once that is done we start peeling off the sod and then leveling out the hole. Very important to get the hole as level as possible. We get the hole to within 1 1/2 inches of level, closer if possible. Once the hole is flat we repaint down the pool and start laying out the bottom track and putting it together.  



Once the bottom track is put together we stake everything to the dimensions it is supposed to be. First rule of construction; plumb, level, square. We bring the sand for the pool bottom into the hole and level the patio blocks that go under each upright base. You want the blocks to be sunk into the ground as much as possible. This is why it is very important to get the hole as level as possible. Once the blocks are level the wall is installed into the track. We lay out the uprights and topseat pieces around the pool perimeter for easy access when we need them.


Now that the wall is up the process of smoothing out and compacting the sand bottom is started. We compact the sand twice in this process. It is impossible to get a perfectly flat and smooth bottom when dealing with sand. We feel that the process we use is the best in Central Ohio in attempting to get the bottom smooth. While the sand is being done on the inside of the pool, a guy on the outside will be putting on uprights and setting up the shop vac we use to suck the liner in place. The guys on the outside also get the liner out of the box and prefold it so it is ready to drop in the pool. Once the sand is finished the plate compactor and fellas are lifted out of the pool.







Liner time!! We install the liner completely from the outside. Once we drop it over the wall we start hanging it in place. Once we have went all the way around the pool we make sure that the liner is stretched right. You do not want the liner to loose in spots and stretched tight in others. It needs to be evenly spaced around the top. Turn on the shop vac and let it start to pull the air from behind the liner as it is tapped into place. No wrinkles. Start the water.





The topseats and caps are now installed. All screws are tightened down and everything is wrapped up. The pool can now be finished filling out of your hose, or you can have water hauled in by tanker truck. Happy swimming!!



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