Vinyl Liner Pool Installation

There are quite a few things  that have been taken care of before you get to the point of starting construction. You have already determined exactly where you want the pool. Elevations have been determined. Electric, phone, and cable lines have been taken care. All permits have been filed and approved. Construction is now ready to start.

Digging the hole! The pool is painted down on the ground and reference points are set. The hole is dug to the predetermined dimensions for your pool.


Once the hole is finished, wall panels are set in place and bolted together. The pool measurements are checked and the panels are squared in the hole. Rebar pins are driven through prepunched holes in the bottom of the wall panels to hold them in place. The wall panels are now leveled, and bracing around the outside is installed.


The concrete footer or "collar" is now poured around the outside of the pool. This locks in the base of the wall panels and the bracing, to keep anything from moving. Plumbing lines are ran and any electrical conduit needed for light hookups. The base material for the bottom of the pool is troweled in place and allowed to cure in preparation for the liner. Equipment pad is plumbed in.


The pool bottom is scraped down and cleaned up to get ready for the liner. We glue a foam pad to the inside wall panels to cushion the liner. Liner is installed and water added to the pool. Gravel backfill material is placed to get ready for the concrete decking.


Concrete decking is formed and poured. The pump and filter system is turned on and the pool cleaned up. This pool has an auto-cover system so the fabric is now installed, and the pool is completely cleaned and ready to swim in.


Finished pool ready for your swimming enjoyment!

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