The majority of fence that we install is 54" high. This allows the fence to meet Pool Code Requirements for spacing between the vertical and horizontal rails.  


Custom Fencing can be ordered to fit a particular requirement. These photos show a 2' natural stone wall with end pillars. We custom ordered the fence to match the height of the pillars with the fence sitting on top of the wall. 


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be done in different ways depending on what you need and your personal taste. From tall walls for extreme slopes, to short walls for minimal slopes, it can be done. View these photos to see a few ways that retaining walls can be used.


These photos show a tall retaining wall on the left and the pool on the right. With the extreme slope on this project it called for the wall to be very tall. The fence on the top of the wall gives you a reference point for where the wall is, in the photo of the pool.


Here is a wall that was made using natural stone. BIG ones!!


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