Types of Pools

Pools 101

Building a residential swimming pool can be done in a variety of methods.  The most common are called vinyl liner pools, fiberglass pools, or concrete-poured pools.   Each of these styles also has several styles and each can be customized to the desired level by the owner.  Swimming pools can also be built in the ground or above the ground.  In addition to vinyl liner pools, fiberglass pools, and gunite concrete pools, we also install a product called The Ultimate Pool.  This pool is an option for special situations and can often fit most anyone’s budget.  Finally, Edwards Pools is knowledgeable about salt chlorine generating systems.   All swimming pool styles have their own benefit to the home-owner, and Edwards Pools can assist you with making the best decision for your family and for your budget. After your pool is installed, we can help with fencing, decking, and retaining walls to create a beautiful backdrop for your pool.  We are always available to do pool maintenance.  Call us to set up an appointment!  740.385.7665

Vinyl Liner Inground Pool

What exactly is a vinyl liner inground pool? How are they built? Are they hard to maintain? Can I get a custom built one? More than likely these are some of the questions that you have and probably many more. If you are beginning your research on a pool, or are already well into the process this article will help to answer your questions.

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Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are a great alternative to an inground pool. Most people would opt to install an inground if they could, but sometimes the cost of an inground pool is prohibitive. Though an above ground pool is cheaper than an inground, it doesn’t mean that an above ground pool has to be “cheap”. Installed properly we find that most people get years of enjoyment out of their above ground pool.Having been in the pool business for years and installing hundreds of above ground pools, we know that questions abound about above grounds.

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Ultimate Pools

Do you have a major incline in your yard? If so, the Ultimate pool would be a great option for you. The Ultimate pool can be set completely in the ground, but due to using the same materials around the pool, the cost can get close to the same as an Inground pool.

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Fiberglass Pools

What are Fiberglass Inground pools, how are they manufactured, how does the installation process work, and are they worth the cost? These are a few questions that you probably have if you are thinking about installing a fiberglass pool. One thing you will realize as you research fiberglass pools is that there is quite a few manufactures out there. Leisure, Viking, Trilogy, and Sun are a few of the companies that produce fiberglass pools.

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We Offer 4 Different Types of Pools

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